It’s lonely out here, and I miss my 40-year-old Dutch virgin.

I was just over at “that other blog”, looking at my blogroll and deciding which blogs to add over here. Much to my chagrin, many of the blogs I used to read have either disappeared or haven’t been updated in ages. I never expected this, to be honest. I thought I could just come back here, contact those people I wanted to, and life would go on as before. In fact, it’s now quite amusing to think – not to mention humbling – that I spent ages wondering whether I should inform old readers about this new blog, or just wander off bravely into the blogosphere wilderness to stake out new territory all on my own, never once looking back at what I’d left behind.

It would appear that I have been cast out into the wilderness…and I didn’t even know about it! You never gave me a choice! I’m distraught! I’m bereft! I’m cold (you didn’t even give me a blanket!).

Saddest of all is that Arekino has shut down his blog, and I now have no way of contacting him. I don’t know if you remember Arekino – he was the 40-year-old virgin from the Netherlands (Oosterhout, to be exact). I always found him to be quite an intriguing figure, and I was rooting for him to find a partner, get laid, love and a fulfilling job. I checked my stats (they’re depressingly pitiful…as only to be expected from a brand new blog…but still) and I did notice that someone from Landsmeer in the Netherlands checked out my blog earlier today. Arekino? Is it you? Come back!


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