Flat as a pancake

mold-spore (Medium)No, not my breasts (although I’m never likely to be mistaken by Dolly Parton). I’m talking about my emotions.

My allergies are extremely bad again and this, of course, makes me tired, lethargic and depressed. I need to change my email “allergy alert” company because they tried to tell me today that the pollen count was low, and they didn’t even mention mould as being present in the air. After every heavy rain fall, I always seem to be affected by mould. Its spores look so beautiful under the microscope, don’t they? It’s a shame they have to add such misery to my life.

Today, and yesterday, were bad days money-wise. I actually lost out on quite a bit of money yesterday because I’ve decided to start volunteering for three separate programs (one with elementary school students; one with middle school kids and the final one with high schoolers) and had to attend two separate trainings. Of course, as Sod’s Law would have it, every single client decided they wanted a session exactly when I was unavailable because I was being trained how to help the nation’s youth. How unfair that sex workers cannot submit expense claims or a form to recoup lost earnings!

Today three separate clients told me they were coming, but all of them flaked out on me at the last minute. This is really quite an unprecedented occurrence. It almost makes me think there’s some kind of weird conspiracy against me but, well, let’s not allow the prospect of starvation to turn into paranoia.

The end result of these two days of unemployment is that I now have $0.87 in my bank account. Worse still, I have run out of porridge! And tea! The cats have not had wet food for weeks, and they’re constantly shooting me evil looks.

The only good thing about having allergies is that they really do dull my senses and sap me of all my strength, so I don’t even have the energy to worry about my (yet again) financially precarious state. It does help being married… I do at least have Midwestern Man to bring me food.

Speak of the devil, he just walked in, so I need to finish writing for tonight. Um, how about some comments, please? How depressing that I wrote a post yesterday bemoaning my lack of male readers only for not a single person with dangly bits to comment and prove me wrong.


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4 thoughts on “Flat as a pancake

  1. pandabox33 October 10, 2009 at 6:45 am Reply

    Maybe it’s a conspiracy to help you get a job that doesn’t involve having to wait for clients ? Like dog walking, cleaning, helping old people get their pills, being a nanny and stuff like that. Just saying. You could do lots of those things in the same week and get more money. You could get out of the house, meet new people, make more money, feel better about your job…not fear starvation. There are options.

  2. Xul October 10, 2009 at 9:15 pm Reply

    I fucking HATE mold and all its toxicity. It cannot be escaped down where I’m at. My God, woman! No tea?!? How the hell do you function?

  3. phd in yogurtry October 11, 2009 at 2:15 pm Reply

    I’ve been feeling extra tired lately, head heavy in the evening, wondering what in the fuck is wrong with me (ambiguous news from the doctor’s office contributing toward my fearful ruminations). And now you’ve reminded me. It’s probably allergies.

    Otherwise? No shows are a mother fucker.

    On another tack, what about substitute teaching? Do you qualify?

    • petrichoric October 11, 2009 at 4:02 pm Reply

      Sorry to hear about your medical ruminations…I hope everything is OK.

      As regards substitute teaching, can’t do that either unless I have a work permit. And, without a car, I would be very limited in where I could actually work. It would be good to do to gain experience teaching, but I certainly wouldn’t make any money at it, that’s for sure.

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