The Hangover

Ugh. I have the hangover to end all hangovers. Two glasses of wine; three martinis; and a half-bottle of Cava.

Last night I went out with an Italian friend to see Werner Herzog’s “Bad Lieutenant – Port of Call New Orleans. It was pretty disappointing (although I wasn’t really expecting much from it anyway, to be honest) but Nicolas Cage does put in a good performance from time to time. I’m getting rather tired of seeing films in which haggard, middle-aged men have stunningly gorgeous girlfriends, though. I mean, come on – would someone who looks as good as Eva Mendes ever consider dating Nicolas Cage’s character in real life?!

When will there ever be a film in which a frumpy, doughy middle-aged woman has a handsome, young boyfriend?!

Despite the film’s failings, it was good to hang out with this friend. In general, I’m very fond of Italians. This guy will be forty-six next month and, yet, he still has a very youthful, playful quality to him. I’ve found that many Italians are like that. They never seem to lose their joie-de-vivre no matter how old they get.

I also miss having male friends. I learned long ago that there’s just no point in trying to befriend American men. Platonic friendship just does not seem to be something Americans understand. In my first year in the US, I had a lot of male friends (I’ve always had more male friends than female ones – although my best friends are always female – because they’re so much more straight-forward than women), and, one by one, they dropped me like a hot potato as soon as they realized that nothing sexual was going to happen between us.

It was great to hang out with a European guy again because, generally, European men do seem to be able to relate to women as something other than potential sexual conquests. It’s just as well that “MM” decided to stop driving and get a hotel somewhere in Arkansas, though, because I got so drunk that I ended up falling asleep on the Italian’s sofa, and woke up at 9:00 a.m. this morning. Platonic friendship though it may be, I don’t think that “MM” would have been very pleased to have arrived home after a two-day car drive to find my bed empty because I was in another man’s house!


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6 thoughts on “The Hangover

  1. phd in yogurtry January 4, 2010 at 10:07 am Reply

    I get very frustrated with movies for the same reason. There is so much sexism in the movies, either blatant or subtle. I want to stop movies midstream and give my kids a lecture. By the end of the movie, I’ve completely forgotten. Oh well, they would never watch another with me again if they had to look forward to a feminist lecture afterward. But come on. I would settle for a movie with a woman the same age as the male lead. Though I did just see a program about elephants which said that female elephants have little tolerance for young adult elephants. They prefer to be wooed by older, more experienced man elephants. Maybe it’s the young males in society who need the lessons, not the young women so much.

    • petrichoric January 4, 2010 at 11:09 am Reply

      Yes, for some reason it seems to be OK to be sexist still. I mean, just look at the Presidential Campaign. The media were too scared to even mention the word “black” or “African-American”, but Hillary got pilloried for not being “femininine” enough, and having “cankles”. I don’t why it is OK for people to get away with sexism when racism has become so taboo.

      It’s very disturbing that beautiful, young women are paired off with wrinkly, old men in films. Older women can still be sexy and incredibly beautiful – just look at Lauren Bacall, or Honor Blackman. I did see one great film recently in which a beautiful, older women (Helen Mirren) was paired with a younger man – “Shadowboxer”. Definitely worth seeing. Don’t be put off by the cheesy cover on the DVD, as it really was great.

  2. Xul January 5, 2010 at 10:46 pm Reply

    I love Helen Mirren. She’s one of these women who gets sexier with age. I saw “Shadowboxer” a couple years ago. Cuba Gooding, Jr. was the younger man if I recall correctly. I’ll agree, it was pretty good.

    • petrichoric January 6, 2010 at 11:37 am Reply

      “Shadowboxer” was great, a lot better than Lee Daniel’s second effort, “Precious”, which is getting a lot of attention right now. And, yes, Helen Mirren is just amazing and fabulously sexy. You may be right about her “getting better with age”. She definitely doesn’t have a classically attractive face (although I think she is very attractive), so I can see how she maybe “grew into it” over time. Have you seen her in “Prime Suspect”? I looked on Netflix to see if they have the series on DVD in the US, and I think they do.

      • Xul January 6, 2010 at 7:08 pm Reply

        Yes, I loved the Prime Suspect series. They played them from time to time on PBS so I’m sure they are available on DVD. I was going to mention it but didn’t want to get onto a Helen Mirren filmography kick.

        • petrichoric January 7, 2010 at 12:34 pm Reply

          Your knowledge of British TV never ceases to amaze me, Xul!

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