Where are you, baby?

Somewhere deep in the Netherlands lives a mild-mannered, slightly misanthropic but quick-witted and interesting blog reader named Arekino. Some of you may know him, as he’s been a regular commenter on this and also my previous blog.

However, I have it on good authority that he is currently AWOL. Nobody has heard from him. Where are you, Arekino? I suspect you’re just being a moody bastard. If this is the case, get your arse over to this blog right now, and start commenting before I jump on the first plane back to Europe to give your cheek a loud, resounding “thwack”!

(Ooh ooh ooh) I can’t believe you’ve left me
Don’t know that you’ve upset me
You just want to forget me, why don’t you come and get me
And boy, I really miss you and all I wanna do is kiss you
I’ve used up all my tissues ’cause there’s more serious of issues
I don’t even know the reason you were playin’ and you were teasin’
Did they tell me you were leavin’
Those good looks are deceivin’ (ooh ooh ooh)

Where are you, Baby, we used to have so much fun
You drive me crazy, somebody tell me where he’s gone
Where are you, Baby, we used to have so much fun
You drive me crazy (ooh ooh ooh)


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One thought on “Where are you, baby?

  1. petrichoric July 30, 2011 at 9:08 pm Reply

    Arekino, there are three possible explanations for your disappearance:

    (1) you’re just pouting because we made fun of your underpants
    (2) you’re out buying new underpants
    (3) Both of the above.

    Well, wherever you are, come back.

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