Lunch by the Lake

There is a small man-made lake close to where I work, so I’ve been going there most days during lunch to get some fresh air, and a little exercise. I’ll post a picture once I’m home.


That wee white speck in the middle is 
a swan.  

I work only four days a week, but I work ten-hour days to get that privilege. Recently, I’ve been working eleven-hour days because new products have been launched, so our email queues, filled with help requests from customers, are huge.

Yes, that is what I do – sit on my arse four days a week, writing emails to customers. It’s difficult to sit still for that long, and I recently read a New York Times article which stated that people who sit down all day are doomed to die an early death. Huh! As much as I don’t want to romanticise Amy Winehouse’s death, there is still – sort of – a rock n’ roll glamour to it. Better to burn out than fade away from writing emails to Mrs Klein of Akron, Ohio, who cannot seem to find her purchase of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” on her computer.

Despite the somewhat tedious nature of the job, I have to admit that I do like it. No matter how anxious or depressed I am, it’s easy to leave that at home as soon as I walk through the office doors. It gives a regularity and structure to my life that I badly need.

My only wish is that it wasn’t for forty bloody hours a week. It’s hard to give up so much of your precious time (and life!) to a company! Even with three days off – which I foolishly thought would be a panacea for all my problems – it’s so hard to have quality “me time”. I envisioned Friday, my first day off, as being a day of creativity, but instead I lack the energy to get much done. All I want to do is rest.

And now I have to walk back to the office because I only have about ten minutes left of lunch. Sigh.


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