Good riddance, Miss Proper Pants!

Sitting on a new bench today. “Variety” as they say is the spice of life. And in a life as dull as mine even a new lunchtime seat makes all the difference.

Tuesday is team-meeting day, and in it I learned that “Miss Proper Pants” and “Obnoxious Fucktard” will soon be leaving us (tomorrow!) to be real full-time employees in “Customer Relations” (compared to us enslaved contractors, that is, with no health insurance and no paid holidays).

I could have applied for that job myself, but dealing with entitled angry customers on the phone all day?! No thanks! I’ll take contractor slavery over that any time.

Also, I’m glad to be getting rid of “Miss Proper Pants” and “Obnoxious Fucktard”, and I had no desire to be around them in a different department. “Obnoxious Fucktard” has issues with women, and he especially had issues with me because my customer satisfaction surveys were better than his. He just could not understand why. He seems to be completely unaware of his obnoxiousness fucktardedness which clearly spills through into the emails to customers.

And “Miss Proper Pants”, ooh, where to get started with her? She is the worst kind of woman. The kind who espouses feminist principles but who is anything but a feminist in her actions. A supposedly tolerant and liberal petson who is a stranger to the meaning of either of these adjectives.

She owes her monicker to the fact that she plays by the rules to an ingratiating and nauseating extent. I am not against playing “the game” per se, but I won’t do it if I think it’s a stupid or unfair game, or if I don’t like the rules. Good riddance to the self-righteous bitch I say.


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