Rebounding by Text – Part 2

Aug 26th 11:34

Im sorry if I was a bit weird yesterday. I hadnt really eaten much so i was kinda drunk & emotional after the wine.

Aug 26th 14:13

Dont worry about it.

Aug 27th 00:28

Hope you are feeling a little better

Aug 27th 00:30

Yes, i am. Alcohol just magnifies every emotion. I was just thinking about you.

Aug 27th 00:33

Well that makes me happy petrichor

Aug 27th 00:42

I am off to bed. Good night, RG.

Aug 27th 00:43

Sweet dreams

Aug 27th 00:43

When do i get my hug by the way?

Aug 27th 00:44

Any time you need one

Aug 27th 00:46

Well, right now I find i need one every single minute of the day, but i do find i am most in need on Thursday nights.

August 27th 00:50

I wrote down thursday on my dry erase board…and excited about seeing you. if you flake i will be sad 🙂

Aug 27th 00:51

I won’t flake. I like you.

Aug 27th 00:58

I don’t think i have to tell you i like you

Aug 27th 01:02

🙂 I thought so but wasnt really sure. You seem sweet but my intuition is crap when it comes to men.

Aug 27th 01:11

We should kareoke At my place so i can hear you sing

Aug 27th 01:13

Nah, I need a large audience for karaoke to worship me. I could bring a movie. I also have a zillion free passes for movies @ the “_____”.

Aug 27th 01:15

There is stuff on bandcamp if you want to hear me sing. I think the link might be Or something like that.


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