Rebounding by Text – Part 3

Aug 27th 09:58

I cant stop thinking about your hairy chest. It is quite delicious.

Aug 27th 16:47

Glad you like the chest hair. i want you to rest your cute on it some day

Aug 27th 18:18

My cute…what? Your sentence was noun-less. Head? Pert breasts? Vagina?

Aug 27th 18:20

Btw, not a good day @ work. I started crying in front of my area manager. My phone was dead, and i wanted a hug, so I sent an email to what i think is your email address. Im fine now, so you can ignore email.

Aug 27th 18:21

Haha i am sorry:) head was the noun i was looking for. guess i need to read my text before I hit send

Aug 27th 18:24

Sorry if you are having a bad day. call me if you need to let some steam off

Aug 27th 18:42

Aug 27th 18:44

Oops. Blank text. Thank u 4 the offer but i am fine now. Sometimes sobbing in your cubicle is just what a girl needs

Aug 27th 18:46

Whats worse a blank text or one with no nouns 🙂

August 27th 18:48

Shooting blanks I would say.

August 27th 21:19

Hey, do you wanna go see The Imposter on Thur night at the XX_XX? Its meant to be amazing.

August 27th 21:22

I would watch reruns of the golden girls with you

August 27th 21:24

Stop being so adorable and witty. You will make me like you too much.

August 27th 21:36

Thats what i want 🙂

August 27th 21:41

Stephanie (the German woman you met @ XX_XX) sent me a funny picture she took of you & I that Sunday.

August 27th 21:48

Bet i look drunk and you look cute 🙂

August 27th 21:49

You look drunk. I look OK but uber-serious.

August 27th 22:15

When is your birthday, young RG?

August 27th 22:17

the next time i get to see you or nov10

August 27th 22:18

Ah. Scorpio, the most sexual sign of the zodiac. That explains a lot.

August 27th 22:20

You are a water sign. You will put out my fire. 😦

August 27th 22:23


August 27th 22:25

Nope, Sagittarius. Nikolaustag. You should know that since you were born in Germany.

August 27th 22:58

Oh, i read your blog last night btw. The one you had as a college student. It was most illuminating.

August 27th 23:03

Do you mind? I hope not. I found it quite endearing.

August 27th 23:07

Oh, balls. Did i upset you? 😦

August 27th 23:26

Aw. im sorry if i upset you.

August 27th 23:33

Well, i liked your blog. It was funny, endearing, honest and raw. And it was super easy 2 find, so i assumed u didnt mind people reading it.

August 28th 00:58

My phone died. flattered that you looked me up

August 28th 01:19

Want to wrap arms around you


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2 thoughts on “Rebounding by Text – Part 3

  1. darwinsblade September 13, 2012 at 2:44 pm Reply

    Hi Petrichor,

    Good to hear from you. I see you still have the job and the house. Good on you.

    The ‘text’ reporting is interesting. Feels a little intrusive but as it’s anonymous…

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing okay.


  2. petrichoric September 13, 2012 at 8:26 pm Reply

    Well, I do still have the same job, but a different house. Same street; different house.

    Yes, I know the “text” thing is a bit weird. It did feel a bit odd posting all our texts for the world to see. But, well, think of it as “blogging verité”.

    No, I’m not doing OK at all really. But I haven’t killed myself yet.

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