The Seven Minute Itch

Recently I’ve noticed that I’m incredibly sleep-deprived. I’ve always been somebody who skimped on sleep with the intention of fitting so much more into my waking hours. Despite this inevitably always backfiring, with me ending up too exhausted to do all the fun/important things I’d planned, I never stopped trying to burn the candle at both ends.

I just cannot ignore that this type of lifestyle is not working for me anymore. It’s totally unhealthy to have some sort of vague, unspecified bed time. More often than not I’ll end up lying down for “five minutes”, just to “rest my eyes”, and I’ll wake up hours later in the wee small hours with all my clothes on, my eyes glued shut because I didn’t remove my contact lenses, and without having brushed my teeth.

So, I’ve decided that this needs to change. There are four things I would like to happen every day. The first two are things that the average person doesn’t even think about out, and just takes for granted, but somehow I find them incredibly difficult:

(1) Get 7.5-8 hours sleep a night (This means going to bed at 10:00 a.m., maybe reading to 10:30 p.m., and getting up at 6:00 a.m.)

(2) Eat three consistent meals.

The other two things are goals related more to spirituality and creativity:

(1) Meditate every day

(2) Blog every day

And I want to do both of these things even if I only have a few minutes to spare, like tonight.

I’m sure that this blog post (written in 8 minutes – I cheated) isn’t exactly entertaining, but the point is to get into the habit of writing every day, even if I don’t have the time to knock out an amazingly analytical work of art.

And now….I’m off to meditate for 10 minutes. Then bed, and reading.


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2 thoughts on “The Seven Minute Itch

  1. xul June 24, 2013 at 2:02 pm Reply

    I’ve always been a sleep addict myself(plus I have a great dream life). I just don’t know how people manage to function when they do the work/party/work/sneak-in-an-hour-or-two-of-sleep-whenever schedule. I would just want to die. If I don’t get at least 8 hours of good quality sleep then I am no good to myself or anyone else.

    Good quality sleep is important. You’ll make yourself sick on many levels if you don’t get it.


  2. petrichoric June 26, 2013 at 8:42 pm Reply

    Yeah, I don’t understand people who regularly skip a good night’s rest to party. I *can* kinda function when I’m sleep deprived, but I certainly can’t when I’m sleep deprived *and* hungover, as I was two Sundays ago. Ugh. I was incredibly depressed.

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