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New car!

No time to write, as “MM” and I are about to go for a spin in our new car! I’m excited, as I’ve never owned a car before!

Today’s been a tiring day. Went to the gym for an hour, and then ran 4.5 miles. And I’ve just had two clients. Phew!

I’ll post a picture of the car once we get back! Watch this space!


The return of my husband

As I write this, “MM” should be somewhere in Tennessee, driving back home from the Midwest. He was supposed to arrive at the house of a friend of his father’s in Jackson, TN, around 11:00 p.m. last night, so I was surprised when I never heard from him. I didn’t want to call or text in case he answered his phone or sent a text back while driving because I hate it when Americans do this. (Jesus Christ, there’s been a cell phone ban while driving since 2003 in Scotland, and I want to vomit when I hear certain politicians over here drag out the same old tired arguments about “a violation of personal freedom” whenever an outright cell phone while driving ban is mentioned!).

Eventually around 1:00 a.m., I decided to risk calling, and sending a text, but there was no answer, and no text back. I went to bed slightly worried, but I was sure there was a perfectly good reason for the silence, so I didn’t lose any sleep! This morning when I woke up, I got a text from “MM”, sent at 5:00 a.m., saying he was fine, and would call me in the morning. I thought it was odd that he should still be up so late, but whatever.

This morning I called him, and he said that he’d arrived in Jackson at 5:00 a.m., way behind schedule, because he’d fallen asleep for hours in a deserted truck stop. Now, if he’d seen “Fat Girl”, as I have, he would surely have known that no good can ever come of falling asleep in such places. He was awakened in the early hours of the morning by some crazy guy attempting to get into his car (thankfully, the door was locked…not that really helped everybody in “Fat Girl”).

“MM” apparently screamed like a girl (well, he said he “yelled”, but I’m sure it sounded more like a squeal) which made the intruder scream back at him. Apparently they peered back at each other through the car window, both screaming!

The guy then yelled “Why are you following me!? Why are you following me!?”. If I’d been in the car with “MM”, I would probably have passed out in fright at this point, but “MM” managed, quite remarkably actually, to point out that he could hardly be following anybody given that he was sleeping and had been rudely awakened. This brief moment of reason had a very good effect on the intruder as he realized that, yes, it had been he who had tried to break into “MM’s” car, and not the other way round. “Ugh, sorry, man,” he said, “I’ve just been up for two days on crystal meth”. After this he disappeared into the night (shirtless! It was freezing!) to where he had come from.

“MM” seemed to be quite amused by the whole story, but I would have been terrified if I had been awakened by a crazy drug addict at the dead of night. Who knows what he would have done if the car doors had been left unlocked! He could have stabbed “MM” to death just from sheer drug-induced paranoia. I’m not usually a scared “girly girl” type of woman, but I’ve seen far too many horror films to ever contemplate falling asleep somewhere so isolated.

Then again, “MM” probably has more to fear from drivers texting than strung-out meth addicts.

A new year, a new decade….and, probably, the same old me.

Well, if, as Williamx said, we will spend the rest of the year doing what we did on New Year’s Eve, I will presumably spend the whole of 2010 watching insufferably boring French surrealist films. God help me.

I did fleetingly consider going out on New Year’s Eve but, hey, why break out of my crazy cat lady mould just for one night? Recently, it has occurred to me that I am spending far too much time on my own – since “MM” left on December 24th (!!!), I have not had any contact with other human beings except for clients! – and I thought to myself that perhaps I should live each day as if it were my last. However, then I thought that, God, I would rather die surrounded by my five cats and two dogs than a bunch of people I don’t really care for who are incapable of making anything other than mind-numbingly boring casual chit-chat.

And so it was that I found myself at home watching Luis Buñuel’s “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”. “MM” finally added me to his Netflix account a couple of weeks ago (which was actually harder than getting him to marry me! I’m not kidding!), so I’ve been playing this little game with myself. I’ve added so many fucking films to my queue (enough to keep me going until 2012!) that I’ve completely forgotten what’s about to be sent to me. Of course, I could just log into Netflix to check but it seems so much more exciting to be surprised. Last night’s film was absolutely fucking dire, though. God, I fucking hate surrealism. It’s my least favourite art form. I’m a social realist kinda gal. The annoying thing was that I soon realized that I’d seen the film before, or at least parts of it (or maybe I’d blocked out the memory because it was so goddamn awful).

How fitting that I should find myself, on New Year’s Eve, doing something I’d done before, and yet completely forgotten about. Is this how 2010 is going to be?

“MM” left the Midwest today to head back home (should arrive late on Saturday night) and he told me that he misses me so much that his heart hurts a little. Wow! I should be so delighted to hear him say that, but it makes little difference to me whether he returns or stays away forever. I feel quite numb. I should probably be depressed that I’ve had no worthwhile human contact for around ten days, but I’m not. I’m post-depressed. Nothing really seems to matter any more.

I feel bad because I’ve been blogging for around three years now, and I don’t seem to change. It’s like I’m stuck. I’m almost scared to post anything because I imagine people must be thinking how dull and boring I am. The one good thing about “MM” coming back is that he will be driving our (yes, our!) new car. I’ve never owned a car before (fuck, I can’t even remember the last time I even drove one…I passed my test in Scotland over fourteen years ago, and have barely driven a day since…I’ll need lessons again), and I’m hoping that having one here will open my life up a little. Living in an extremely car-centric city, and owning only a bike, my life takes place within, maybe, a three-mile radius. I feel stifled and completely oppressed.

Maybe having a car will make 2010 a good year?